Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Before France #3:

I've been meaning to write a post lately but have been busy with packing and all that lately. I am currently listening to Abbey Road as I wait for my flight from Kansas City to D.C. to start boarding. No other RYE students around but I'll see some at D.C. I bet. Everything has gone well up to this point, except I am a bit mad about only getting three or four hours of sleep. It would have been nice to get a little more. I'll take a nap on the plane hopefully. This is a little more rambling than my usual blog posts mostly because I have to kill the time. I could read and practice my French but I have a five hour lay over in D.C. to do that plus most of the flight from there to Paris. I seriously can't wait to get to France tomorrow! I am a little nervous and anxious about the whole experience but that's normal. Expect to hear more from me soon!