Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Before France #3:

I've been meaning to write a post lately but have been busy with packing and all that lately. I am currently listening to Abbey Road as I wait for my flight from Kansas City to D.C. to start boarding. No other RYE students around but I'll see some at D.C. I bet. Everything has gone well up to this point, except I am a bit mad about only getting three or four hours of sleep. It would have been nice to get a little more. I'll take a nap on the plane hopefully. This is a little more rambling than my usual blog posts mostly because I have to kill the time. I could read and practice my French but I have a five hour lay over in D.C. to do that plus most of the flight from there to Paris. I seriously can't wait to get to France tomorrow! I am a little nervous and anxious about the whole experience but that's normal. Expect to hear more from me soon!



Kelsey said...

'm on exchange in France, too. Cool blog! I'll be following!


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