Saturday, March 10, 2012

Walk on the beach...

This morning I was doing some homework for my french class and had to read an essay about how science decodes nature and how poetry makes it more complex. In the middle of answering a question on it I had the crazy idea of going to the beach. I grabbed my keys and headed for the door. In less than five minutes I was looking out into the mesmerizingly blue water. It amazed me the little number of people at the beach on such a sunny day, even though it was slightly chilly. I was part of ten people on that beach, some walked their dogs, others just sat on the sand soaking up the sun. I continued walking, calculating how many months I still had where at any moment on a weekend morning I could just walk to the waters edge and soak my feet. Some months in the future the closest mass of water near me will be the pond behind my house but I bet that won't feel as good as it does now, the salt water on my skin. The past few months have been the greatest in my life. I have met some of the most amazing and interesting and friendliest people in my life. Plus, I've discovered a lot about myself.


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