Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feburary Vacations: Whole lotta running to do...

So, it's vacation time again in France. One thing I really like about French schools is how many vacations we get, which is fair because we do have classes for longer school days. Anyways, I have several plans for this vacation which is happening in four stages. Stage 1 was going on a bus trip to Venice with a few of my classmates with a group from school. Stage 2 is currently happening, where I am taking a few days of to work on homework and just get some needed rest. Stage 3 begins this Friday where I will be heading for Toulouse where I have some Rotary foreign exchange friends that I'll meet with and just hang out in the city. On Sunday begins Stage 4 where I will go on a Rotary bust trip from Paris to Barcelona. So, yeah, the next week and a couple of days will be jammed pack with excitement. I'd like to just thank my Rotary Club here in France, S├Ęte for paying for the trip to Venise and letting me enjoy my stay a lot more. Also a shout out to my club back in the States for giving me this oppurtunity. Below are some pictures from my trip to Venice that I hope you enjoy.


Me and the guys

Random canal: The water looks weird but doesn't smell that much

Queen of the Carnaval

Real italian pizza!

Me and some italian scotsman

I just found this one kinda funny

Beautiful costumes

Verona !

More pictures to come in a holiday wrap-up blogpost...


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